How a half an hour at the orthodontists office leads to an insight

(first published Sept 2008)

Took all the kids to my 10yo’s orthodontist visit. They love having new toys to play with so I was able to peruse a few magazines. Spent 10 minutes leafing through a recap of the Olympics. Then on to an article about a woman who met her birth mom many years ago at age 19, and how she has tried to reconcile having both mothers in her life – how it was much like “spinning plates” and hard to keep everyone happy.

So I get in the car, and as I’m trying in vain to get out of the cramped parking lot with my big van (why do these images hit me at these times? LOL) I’m hit with an image of the syncronized swimmers from the Olympics. We have talked a lot at home lately about them. The sport is beautiful, but certainly difficult and exhausting. And I was struck by the thought that without roots, one is forced to float. But it’s not just like floating, it’s more like treading water. So an adoptee may feel “rootless” due to not knowing about their ancestors –their faces, their stories, their love. The adoptees life may look beautiful, may even BE beautiful, but it is exhausting floating, treading water one’s whole life.


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