I want to thank…

…all the authors of books on adoptees, and all the great blog authors out there sharing their stories.

I used to sit and wonder, “What is WRONG with me?  I have a good life. I had a good life growing up. WHY is this so hard? What is wrong with me that I find all this…all this life…so difficult?”  OK, so I still do wonder that sometimes.

But the more I read adoptee blogs and books about growing up adopted, the more I see that I am not alone.   It *is* hard.  An adoptee can have the best adoptive parents and still come away with such heavy baggage that dragging all that along with them is a struggle.  Add in the inevitable friend squabbles,  parent trouble, spouse issues, kid problems, and daily life occurances, and BAM, life is HARD.     It’s even harder when it’s all invisible, when others tell you everything is fine and you should be thankful.

Well, I am thankful. I’m thankful for all of you who put yourselves out there, who support me even though you don’t know me, who get it.  I’m sorry you also have to live it.    Thank you for affirming that I’m not crazy, that this really is hard.

(first published Nov 2010)


It's lovely to have you here. Please keep comments respectful of the adoptees who read here. "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."

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