Loved this quote

(first published June 2010)

I found this quote on a website about St. Gemma Galgani (she was discussing her miraculous cure):

“…Just before the cure was granted, Jesus said, embracing me, ‘My daughter, I give myself entirely to you and you will be entirely mine.‘ I saw clearly that Jesus had taken my parents from me and sometimes this made me discouraged, because I believed myself abandoned. That morning I complained to Jesus about this and He, always so good and tender, said to me: ‘My daughter, I will always be with you. I will be your Father and She (indicating our Mother of Sorrows) will be your Mother. He who is My hands can never lack fatherly help. You will never lack anything, even though I have taken away from you all earthly consolation and support. Come, draw near to Me, you are my daughter. Are you not happy to be the daughter of Jesus and Mary?

I think this is a great quote for anyone feeling abandoned. I used to “pretend” (maybe it wasn’t so much pretend!) that the Blessed Virgin Mary was my mother, so it isn’t too far fetched for me to deeply understand what she was saying – what Jesus was saying. But notice how Jesus says “He who is My hands can never lack fatherly help.” I’ve got to seek the kingdom of God and be Jesus’ hands. Time to get off the computer and Go Do That. 🙂


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