(first published Jan 2007)

I was reading another bloggers blog, which I’m not going to link to to retain some anonymity on both sides…but she was talking about how she was sure she inherited her love/desire of creating/crafting from her father, who was a carpenter and extremely creative.

First of all, reading stuff like that always twist the knife in my heart just a little. The ol’ green envy monster rears it’s ugly head, too.

My adoptive parents are both artists. Despite all their saying that I’m artistic (I am in a WAY…) I just don’t have *their* type of art innately in me like my brother does. They have that artists eye, to make things look like they should. Me, I can cartoon and have neat ideas, but they can never come from my head correctly onto paper.

I want to know what my birth parents were good at. I want to know what I am primed to do. I am sick of guessing. Sick sick sick.

LOL, pardon my rant. I really *am* sick, and it’s getting to me. 🙂


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