The Cube

I came across The Cube Personality Test today.  The results were interesting! I thought it was pretty accurate for me.

I won’t go into the whole test here – read it in my link above first if you think you might want to take it because I wouldn’t want my thoughts to skew your results. 🙂


I pictured the cube to be about the size and height of a large room.  Maybe 10-15 feet high/wide/deep.  The desert was vast around it.  It was made of steel with no way in or out, although I could get inside by putting my palms on the cube and wanting to be inside.  A  plain but sturdy wooden ladder was leaning against one side of it up to the top. There was a horse next to the cube, maybe 7 feet away, waiting for me. It was saddled; a fine dark brown thoroughbred with a white stripe on its nose.  There were a lot of wildflowers blooming around the cube, cultivated and wild looking at the same time.  A violent storm was in the distance. Close enough to observe well but not close enough to affect me. It was not moving.

SO (this is your last chance to read the test at the above link before I give it away!) the cube represents me. How I feel about the cube represents how I feel about myself. I think it’s fascinating that I imagined a steel cube with no way in except for myself! Inside it was furnished and I felt safe and happy there.  The ratio of cube to desert  represents how big your ego is (bigger cube, bigger ego) and I think my room sized cube in a vast desert is pretty spot on for how I feel.

The ladder represents my friends. If the ladder is leaning on the cube, my friends rely on me and are supported by me.  Since it is close to the cube, it represents me feeling close to my friends.   I think in the past my friends relied on me, right now I have few close friends and we are all so busy that we don’t really see each other to rely on anyone.  But my family (including extended) definitely relies on me and I feel that is a big issue in my life. How I feel about the ladder is how I envision my friends – a plain wooden ladder to me symbolizes the integrity and naturalness my friends have.

The horse is my dh.  It was relatively close to the cube (so we are close) but saddled so I guess I am controlling, LOL.  Actually, when the test asked me if it was saddled, in my mind it wasn’t, but then I said “that’s stupid I can’t ride an unsaddled horse” so I mentally put a saddle on it.  So maybe that has more to do with my knowledge of horses than anything. 🙂  I felt the horse was waiting patiently for me to be done so that we could ride off together. That definitely feels like how I feel about my dh!  We are eager to spend more time together without kids – more dates, etc.  And he is patient as I explore my “cube”.

The flowers represent my children!  I think it is funny that I imagined a bed of wildflowers that encircled the cube.  They weren’t too out of control, just colorful and abundant.  That would be my kids! LOL

The storm is the obstacles in my life.  It was large and scary but not hurting me. Not moving closer, but also not moving any farther away.  I desired to get on the horse and ride away from the storm, just like I wish dh and I could run away and start a new life.  We’d bring our flowers with us. 😉

If anyone takes the test, I’d love to hear your results!


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