The Mixed Up Brothers of Bogota

An amazing yet tragic story from the New York Times:

The Mixed Up Brothers of Bogotá

I’m glad the NYT brought up the fact that the boys raised by their non-biological parents felt that they did not fit in, even if they didn’t understand why. They knew in their hearts, even if they didn’t understand it in their minds.  I can also relate to the feeling when the one twin met his mother for the first time. She was weeping…he was feeling…not much of anything.   I often feel that way when relating to my blood relatives: this is too unreal. This is a story, not really happening.

If the above article is a little confusing (wait, who was Carlos again and was he switched or not??) here is another article that shares a handy-dandy chart of who’s who.  Nature vs. Nurture: Two Sets of Identical Twins Interchanged at Birth


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