I’m watching Blackfish on Netflix. It’s mostly about Tilikum, a performing killer whale that has caused several deaths, and what might have lead to that behavior.

According to the movie, killer whales are extremely family oriented and emotional creatures. Separating babies and even older whales from their mothers/families results in very clear grieving behavior.  Creating an artificial “family” at a place like Sea World leads to all sorts of strange behavior and sickness.  One trainer said, “That’s not a family! You know. Come on.”

“You’ve got animals from different cultural subsets that have been brought in from various parks. These are different nations. These aren’t just two different killer whales. These animals, they’ve got different genes, they use different languages.” (from a different trainer)

Hmmm.  Society  understands (or at least these animal trainers, and by the way they were talking, assuming the audience did as well) you shouldn’t separate killer whales from their families, but it’s wonderful and celebrated when it’s human babies. Makes me sick.

Sorry, in a mood today. Tired of pretending.


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